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Robotics is a multidisciplinary science that deals with the design, manufacture and use of robots. It is the common study area of mechanical engineering, aircraft engineering, space engineering, electronic engineering, computer engineering, mechatronics engineering and control engineering. Robots are complex machines that are managed through software and generate work and value for a useful purpose.

Robotic technology aims to build machines that can act in place or imitate human actions. Although robots are intended to be used in many different situations, today they are mostly used in dangerous environments (eg bomb disposal), production processes, or in space, underwater, high temperature and radiation environments where human beings cannot live.

The industrial robot, on the other hand, performs routine, repetitive tasks in the production process. They are designed, planned, set up and launched for a single purpose. Although they are produced in various sizes, they usually cover a large area and remain in a fixed position due to their very large dimensions. The working principle of these robots is different from the working principle of humans. They usually take on jobs that people are unlikely to do physically. They are used in parts production, assembly, transportation of heavy loads.