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Product Categories


  • Consultancy Service
It includes reports that provide important information to the design and development phase in order to meet all the needs required for the facility and prepared from meetings held with the authorities.
This step is important for project optimization.
  • Design & Development
It is the stage where studies are carried out on all products to be supplied or produced in order to implement the system. This stage is the process in which all the projects, documentation and software that need to be prepared for commissioning the system are shaped and corporate-specific solutions are formed.
  • Production & Assembly
It is the production and field assembly of all mechanical and electronic components required in line with the system requirements.
  • Deployment
It is the stage of commissioning all mechanical and electronic components created during the design and production phase. It is a comprehensive process in which the cold tests of the system during the commissioning phase, field controls and all necessary inspections to start production.
  • Education
It includes the training given to industrial plant operators and managers after commissioning. During this process, after the comprehensive training on all subjects under the responsibility of Tesla, the facility starts to produce at full capacity.
  • Service & Maintenance
It is the process that includes the periodic control of all components of the system in order to reduce the depreciation over time and to ensure efficient and effective use of the facility that was commissioned after the above-mentioned steps are completed.