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Process Instrumentation

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Process Instrumentation

Increasing needs with the industrial revolution and the relationship between economic income and expenses made follow-up and analysis processes indispensable. Today's process control processes have spread to every stage of production, keeping track of efficiency, energy and labor has been as important as production. In modern process control systems, time lost in the workforce, control of energy efficiency, variables arising from environmental factors, minimum cost and maximum benefit principles increase the importance of instrumentation technology.
Instrumentation in a broad sense; We can define it as the evaluation of measurable physical inputs. The instrumentation provides the necessary data for process control. In this way, the variable structure of production costs and the effects of these inputs on each other can be examined and standardization in production can be achieved. The correct projection of field instruments in the processes and measurement methods enable more accurate decisions, lower cost and effective production.
In our projects, field instruments are integrated into PLC / DCS systems over Profibus-DP / PA or HART protocol, depending on the application location, so that DTMs of field devices can be accessed and diagnostic information can be accessed.
TKS carries out project design, assembly and commissioning by bringing together the knowledge and experience gained in process control for many years regarding field instrumentation in industrial facilities.
Our Process Instruments:

  • Pressure Measurement Transmitters
  • Level Measurement Transmitters
  • Temperature Measurement Transmitters
  • Flow Measuring Transmitters
  • Analytical Measurement Transmitters (Ph, Conductivity etc.)
  • Dust Measuring Transmitters
  • Humidity Measuring Transmitters