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Process Automation

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Process Automation

Process automation is, in an automation system; The control and follow-up of the system from a single center, the recording of the data and the changes to be made in the control and production planning of the system by processing these data.

In process automation, together with the data collected by sensors and other sensors at various points of the system, system control data and commands and other data are recorded for a long time. These data are analyzed and used in system control and production planning. Process automation has an important share in energy, food and beverage, medicine, chemistry, paper, cement, plastic-rubber, glass, textile, metallurgy, petroleum and oil, water and waste water facilities.

In today's conditions, it is possible to come across robot solutions frequently in process automation. Now, in the automation system called robotic process automation, it reduces the human workload required and the placement of robots integrated into the processes provides a significant advantage. TKS provides robotic solutions in automation systems by providing PLC-Robot integration. It is possible to robot integration to an old line or to robotic process automation from scratch.